Information about Tart Hart Cider

Tart Cider, LLC was formed in late 2016 as a collaboration between Zoe Van Schyndel and Nicholas E. Timm, after the two discovered a mutual love for cider and apples. The company is committed to sourcing products locally, maintaining a U.S. base for raw materials, doing things naturally and creating a delicious, natural product for any person older than 21. The company HQ is located in Olympia, Washington and currently distributes around the entire state of Washington.

Our product uniqueness

Tart Hard Cider is Local - Tart Hard Cider was established in 2016. We make our cider in small batches by hand right in our Tumwater cidery.


Tart Hard Cider is Real Cider - Unlike other commercial ciders that are quickly mass-produced with sugar, concentrate, and added coloring, Tart Hard Cider is fermented naturally and slowly with real Washington state apples and fruit juice. The only color in our cider comes from real fruit, berry, and other juices used for flavoring.


Tart Hard Cider is Cool and Cloudy - Our cider is unpasteurized giving it a natural cloudy appearance (just like cider at the farm). It’s also not uncommon to see a little sediment at the bottom of the glass - this is harmless and tasty as well as proof that we do it right.


Tart Cider is Dry - Because we don’t use concentrates and added sugar, our cider has a dry, to semi-dry, to off-dry Prosecco-like flavor and finish. The level of dryness depends on the style you’ve selected.


Some other fun facts about Tart Hard Cider:

Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Bee Friendly